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DEEB, Rasha, 2015, Assessing visual variables of cartographic text design, PhD Thesis, Ghent University

KVELADZE, Irma, 2015, Space - time cube design and usability. University of Twente, ITC Dissertation 268, ISBN: 978-90-365-3859-6.


LAAKSO, Mari, 2014, Improving Accessibility for Pedestrians with Geographic Information, PhD thesis Aalto University.


PUCHER, Alexander, 2013, Optimierung von Internet-basierten kartographischen Informationssystemen durch Erkenntnisgewinn aus nutzerzentrierter Entwicklung. Dissertation, University of Vienna.


OOMS Kristien, 2012, Maps, how do users' see them. PhD thesis Ghent University.

SCHOBESBERGER David, 2012, Towards a Framework for Improving the Usability of Web-mapping Products. Dissertation, University of Vienna.


BLEISCH Susanne, 2011, Evaluating the appropriateness of visually combining abstract quantitative data representations with 3D desktop virtual environments using mixed methods. PhD Thesis. London: City University London.

DELIKOSTIDIS Ioannis, 2011, Improving the usability of pedestrian navigation systems. PhD thesis University of Twente. ITC Dissertation 181, ISBN: 978-90-6164-303-6. 

ROTHRobert, 2011, Interacting with Maps: The science and practice of cartographic interaction. PhD dissertation Pennsylvania State University. 


NIVALA Annu-Maaria, 2007, Usability Perspectives for the Design of Interactive Maps, Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, PhD thesis.