Evaluating the movements of visitors of concerts of mega-stars in Estonia using passive mobile positioning data


Importance of events in tourism has increased in recent decades. Planned events are universally important for many cultural strategic and political reasons (Getz 2008). Events are important to different target groups. Goals for locals and tourists might be different. Events give recreative opportunity to local and add value to destination for tourists. Places, where events are held, are more reliable and attractive to tourists than those,where events are not held.
Aim of this paper is to find out which were the movements of event visitors in Estonia how they differ from regular visitors’ movements. For that we compare data of visitors of 6 concerts which took place in Tallinn from 2006-2010.
In this paper, the data from Estonia’s biggest mobile operator EMT (Estonian Mobile Telephone) is used. The method for data collection and analysis has been dveloped in Estonia in cooperation between the private company Positium LBS, mobile operators and the Department of Geography at the University of Tartu. The database used in this paper consists of a spatial and temporal register of call detail records of foreign mobile phones using EMT’s roaming service. Call detail record is any active use of a mobile phone in networks – incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, GPRS etc. Roaming service means that mobile phones registered in countries other than Estonia can be used on the Estonian network. The register includes the following parameters for every call activity: The exact time of call activity; The randomly generated unique ID number for the phone (not related to the phone or SIM card number); The antenna ID with the geographical coordinates of the antenna; The phone registration country – used as the nationality of the phone owner.
Concert visitors spend more time in Estonia than regular visitors and the are more likely repeat visitors than regular visitors. They also spend time in more counties than regular visitors.

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